Sunday, March 1, 2015

2/17/2015--Crossword Poetry

In this activity, we fold a piece of paper in half and then write a word horizontally on the paper. We write, using the letter on that line, to the edge of the line until we hit the end, then we pass it.

Each new "stanza" is a new piece of paper

Round one

Crisscrossing the valley floor
rested the boggy moor
encircling distant foggy shores
Singing to the earth's molten core
creating poem evermore
evangelic planted alien spore
near the valley floor.
The floor is still once more.

Carefully, a being turned a cheek and his back
Hurried away from the Monster.
Unfortunately, the master did
Rightfully strike him with a stick
Cracking across his legs
Hearing his cries of
Yellowing fear
And not even answering.
Roaring hate follows him as
Dark clouds roll in from the north.

Autumn leaves are beautiful
Church decorations
Rioting through the mind
Of the many species of trees,
Such a tree had never been
Timbered before. How could
I see that death was nigh?
Creating much noise, I awoke.

We never could have believed
It! The longest night of the
New year, and it's raining cats
There and here!
Eating mice and little rats
Reno was a hotbed for
So many unsavorable things
On top of which, we couldn't
Last a second in the streets
So dark and creepy,
There were millions of dangers in my eyes
Innumerative they were,
Covering every sidewalk and street.
End, the.

I would never have believed
Nathan was a grizzly bear
Chasing bunny rabbits
Only this time I was the hare.
Not to be out witted, I
Carefully circumvented the
Eager predator by climbing
Into the swaying trees
Very high I go,
And high into the territory of birds
Beyond the reach of Nathan,
Leaving behind a trail of dirt,
Ending at the top branch, where I jumped.

Dominic travels through
Apple orchards to find a hobby
No one was has ever thought of.
Dandily jogging and merrily
Eavesdropping, he overheard
Larks speaking of bandits
In the apple orchards
On top of wine glass shards
Nobody knew they were there.
Suddenly, they knew HE was there.

Round two

My greatest ambition is to
eat all the things there are
dwelling in the Atlantic ocean, but
I couldn't see the shark coming
to devour my soul
everlasting fears something my hopes to live
really vividly in my mind,
rather dastardly its plot, but
alas! I had a plan--and a chainsaw.
Now all I had to do was wait for the sun
even to the end of the
allotted time given to the tuna minions
never land never survived so bad.

So, here we are at last.
Okay, you know that wasn't
Understandable, because you
Let me die alone in the darkness
Forever alone
Underneath the cieling, rotten as I
Lay dying on the ground
Lose and hopeless, you
Yellow-bellied coward.

Spirits and demons, most feared they are
Up and down they go
Poking, prodding, peril to create a scar,
Eating up fear like it was their favorite dish
Reveling in evil and crushed wishes
Nameless, this evil is, says Yoda, and then
Acts like he's both high and drunk
Today and tomorrow, he does
Understand the meaning of . . . confusion . . .
Right up to his last moments of life
All is understood but demons can't
Liberate themselves, no matter how much they know.

Super-duper Cooper made a looper
Quite queasily down the twisting track
Uselessly flinging his arms about
In frustration and a
Raging monger followed like a train
Right on his heels.
Every single merry shingle
Lifted lovingly as they mingled
Living and dying as one
Even till the sun sunk
Devouring their souls like the devil.

Tragedy has separated the fellowship
Hobbits were running around
Evan, their leader
Taught us all how to get lost
Wherever there was cover
Out in the open was a bad
Trick, they discovered. The orcs were
Drunk and half-asleep around a fire
With their weapons to their
Lips like sweet candy from an infant
Righteous they were hot.
So much for getting back together.

Having much hair
everyone knows that everyone's bear
right out doesn't care
but it gives people rights to stare
insultingly but very unaware
Vultures swooping down and killing children
over in the Atlantic ocean
ravenous ravens join the plague
eating us up like sage.
Supper is served.

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