Sunday, March 1, 2015

2/24/2015--Crossword Poetry

Round one

Sanity is over-rated and
Evaporating into
Randal, who is quite sedated
Every time he acts out
Naughtily. He loves to
Invite his friends over for
Tea parties and
Yells at them for nothing.

Lions sleep over the
Island in a bush of berries
The berries were magical berries
Eventually causing them to speak Hebrew
Rambunctiously they flew
Amongst magic berry bush brew
Laughing, giggling, and guffawing too.
Larking around the berry goo
You should eat the goo, too.

A green little dot is
Dumb, too dumb to realize that
Vivid dreams are freaky and weird
English antelopes potato
Never, ever, go walk home alone at night
Templeton, or else someone will
Open up a door to the world
Unless you are afraid of the light
So much to hide.

Please for mercy, long and sad
Riding on the eastern winds
Off of the side of Mount Kai
Producing a large amount of urine
Hazing mothers with their stench
Ending their hippos
Cradling large messes of these dead
Yodeling each other to sleep.

Note: Mr. Stumbos has to strongly protest at the lack of a noun following five lines of adjectives.  

Make way for the stunning and
Overly gracious, phantasmagorical,
Very rich, glorious, radiant,
Interesting and yet,
Ever so slightly irritating as
Twilight. It makes you rage out
Illuminating the shadows of agitation
Terminating all pain
Lemmings . . . we're all lemmings.
Ending with jumping off a cliff.

Delve into the mind if you will, for
all you will find is cobwebs.
Not the sweeping arcs of
the long-lost civilization of
Egerack! Never before
slips on the wide river bank,
peering out in the open blue,
eclipsing for eternity: Not all who wander are lost
and becoming Koi
kinks in time, made for the few who'll know it.

Home is where the heart is . . .
Or where we keep the Wi-Fi modem . . .
Maybe it's ice cream
Everyone loves a good puff
Sometimes (assuming it's legal)
There's cats who are in
Under the stairs meowing
Cows too, in the chimney
Keep me company for life.

Yellow slugbugs are
Only yellow roller-blades with bugs inside
Unless you install metal
Right where the wheels cross
Mighty rods of towns and
Over the dandelions
Moving the roses that lie bereft.

Cobblestones littered the forest in
Random patterns, far and wide
Ever floating in the sky
As a Sakura blossom would
Time-travel to the year 1969
Inviting back the angry unicorns
Violins and chariot choirs
Ecstasy! Nothing so grand exists without it!

Round 2

Some people are absolutely insane--better than
Involuntary convulsions.
Lies! he says. Lies! Lies of bitter visions,
Vexing any who try to interpret, but
Efficiently getting a message--STRUT!
Right into the bottomless pit
Sure that doom is upon
As we sit and wait for it to catch us
Gratefully, time-travel is real, and I can time-travel
Even in real life--not just in my dreams.

Lillies are interesting the--
Imagine all the word is only a dream
Think of the son "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
Underneath the roses of red lives and red minds
Reading read, read, read, read,
Take turns training toddlers to talk to themselves
Upon heights we cannot reach but try
Reaching for the stars you'll never
Even know once they've succeeded.

Hope is only a four-letter word
enduring a very powerful emotion,
and sometimes--oh my!--a lack of caffeine
deadly and angular
Pricking my sense of stability comes the
hope! Soaring bravely above the
Opulent-less world that
never ceases to amaze the mind
even as far as all the
Switches that help us function.

Silent night owl, gliding through the trees,
Intently glaring into the deep
Lava pit, sitting across the yard from
Hopeless, Doomed Portal to the year 1969
Or hiding behind purple hair and blank expressions
Underneath, their majestic-ness
Elderly folk don't like the styles they have seen
There. No, they long for the summer of '69
Though they shall never reach it for
Even the slightest moment.

Flitting freely across the bright meadow,
Androgynous fairies have
Enormous, iridescent wings,
Riding the wind with sparkles
Intensely going with it through the meadow
Eventually, disaster will happen . . . soon . . .
Then they see shiny objects and are distracted
Aimlessly, they jig to potato
Lullabies like those of sirens leave from their lips
Enchanting passersby to forget what they've seen.

Expiration dates leave more than food in mortal peril.
Violent ends may come to all who do
Open the fridge and witness
Lemons tap-dancing to an
Up-beat, rather than a down-beat,
To sense this all is all I need for
Insight my own misfortune, leading to
Overactive internal organs gone astray . . .
Never to return again
Angry am I  . . . so 'hungry' . . . hunger needs satisfaction
Right? Satisfaction equals survival! Why can't
You or anybody understand that?!

Is reality a reality at all?
Nope! It's totally imaginary and we are actually all
Dragon--demonic unicornal
Eternally stuck in limbo
Pause! (long enough to check grammar) or--y'know
Eat everything that's not in sight
Never glancing behind, for fear of what is there
And what might not be there
New or old what to say when you
The thing you think of are lies. Because time-travel is better.

Demolition of the Empire
Eagerly, we await the moment of fire
Making so the new world can be reborn || from
Ashes and destruction, cities torn
Smothered in the dragon's eternal flame
So bright that it blinds the imps that lie fainted on the bold
Floor of the fiery furnace of my
Icy heart of blackness and bile--oh, look! Butterfly!
Catatonic politicians
Ask for anything to distract from childish fantasy
Trances, but I won't wake them! No,
I will never let them take me either!
Oh, why will it never happen?
Never will it because this is all a dream!

Note: think of the following one as a Pink Floyd song.  

Every so often, I find myself
integrating myself into the barren wall
not sure whether to go right or
venture towards it, for you see
never ending, never ceasing . . .
doomed to end and begin for all eternity,
dragonic unicorns doing a jig
riveting my sense of direction is directionless mojo
ending down a corridor, perhaps with a door, that
is locked, so I cannot proceed forward.

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